15 Nigerian Artistes Who Have Fallen Short Of The ‘Glory’ In Recent Times

The biblical phrase ‘how are the mighty fallen’ seems like the only appropriate way to label a certain group of Nigerian artistes who have fallen off the path of greatness that they once towed.

Once they were beaming with lots of tremendous prospects and promises but have not lived up to their full potential and unfortunately had a rapid decline in public appeal.

At some point these guys were up there in their glory days, in fact they were even tipped to become the standard for the industry in some years to come. But contrary to all the good ratings they were accorded, and serious good will, the reality is that they’re not as good as they hype.

These few artistes listed are those that come readily to mind when you think of how much some artistes have fallen out of favour.

1. Jesse Jagz

Talented? Yes! Lack of talent has never been the problem with Jesse Jagz. It may have to be his inconsistency or laissez-faire ethic to work. Everyone seems to rate Jesse Jagz but apparently the rapper has failed several times to ride and rise on the sheer hype he enjoys from fans. It’s genius to remember Jesse Jagz was the producer behind some of the biggest hip hop hits from early Chocolate City, plus he was a good rapper to top it up. Several years after it seems Jesse Jagz has failed to live up to his full potential in the music industry as a rapper cum music producer. The moral lesson from emperor Jagz is that raw talent isn’t always enough to keep you on top, it takes more than talent.

2. Korede Bello

Nigerian singer Korede Bello and member of the Don Jazzy-led Mavin Records used to be one of the most loved young emerging artistes in the music industry. In fact since his infamous wink in ‘Dorobucci’, Korede Bello showed signs he was here to stay, young and full of promises. From ‘Dorobucci’ to ‘Adaobi’ he gained massive support from the fans especially the ladies. His biggest break to date being ‘God Win’ was an instant monster hit, winning him the Headies ‘song of the year’ in 2015. After the heroics of ‘God Win’, other hits like ‘Romantic’ and ‘Do Like That’ the Afro wearing singer slumped per his ability to stay relevant with banging tunes. Korede Bello self titled album has to be one of the worst debut albums in the history of debut albums.

3. Zara

When last did the once very promising female artist Zara make headlines? I can’t even remember, the upcoming act lost her sauce way too early.

4. N.I

Once upon a time N.I used to beam with brilliance as a young act. He had all the prospects of a ‘Next Rated rapper’, we loved him but the lustre didn’t last long, N.I fell off the ladder. He couldn’t keep up the pace, his music has deteriorated badly he hasn’t caught our fancy in a long time. It’s about time for N.I to drop a new jam.

5. Lil Kesh

Born Keshniro Ololade, Nigerian music star Lil Kesh would be another artiste who has suffered a steep decline in star power. The former YBNL rapper and protege to Olamide was a street sensation with some of the biggest street hits 2 – 3 years ago. A ‘Next Rated’ nominee and another young star full of prospects, recently Lil Kesh has disappointed his followership and core fans as his growth has stagnated. Except for a few collaborations he has been featured in which have kept his head above water, most of his songs post-YBNL have been met with stalemate.

6. Del

Some fans who are still sympathetic to the petite Del may often times be wondering what went amiss with the rapper. It’s hard to say if Del is on a self imposed hiatus or she is done with music. The rapper cum OAP’s musical career has been floundering and somewhat confusing.

7. Derek Chime

Derek Chime is an elder maybe an ancestor in the industry without any reservation. He has had a fair share of relevance in the music scene with great project out “Mind Over Matter”, he has trained many music producers and mentored many artistes in Nigeria. However, in recent times, Derek’s music is not hitting the spot anymore due to poor music management, he has been on lowkey for over a year. I think It’s about time he fully retire, to keep his respect.


Oludemilade Martin Alejo aka YCEE hasn’t been in form of recent for someone who was thought to revolutionise the rap game with new flavour. The Tinny Entertainment act has had one of the fastest growth as a rapper in recent times no doubt. However, YCEE hasn’t been able to sustain the growth and momentum with chart topping singles anymore. ‘Jagaban’ introduced him, ‘Omo Alhaji’ gave him more fans, ‘Juice’, put him in the ‘Next Rated’ category but nothing else has been forthcoming from the rapper. Since his debut, YCEE has released two EP’s, one of which was a collaborative effort with Bella Alubo. At the moment it seems the once raving rapper has run out of creative juice.

9. DNA

No one says DNA is here anymore, the rapper has gone down the ranking in the past few years. Several attempts to stage a big comeback has met cold reception from the industry. The rapper cum OAP has lost his finesse when it comes to matters of music.

10. Yomi Leach

Who misses Yomi Leach? He used to be one promising music star at the early stage of his career. His first music breakthrough was getting signed to DPERecords and subsequently dropping his album “The OffKey”. Thats all, Leach fizzle out after a few stellar outing in the industry. It’s time for Leach to also wake up.

11. Bezalel

One very big music star who lost his sauce is Bezalel. He is fighting hard to gain grounds again in an industry that has become very populated and even more competitive. He has surprisingly dropped some tracks this year, featuring some new cat in the industry and there is no spark whatsoever about it. He was once up there but apparently Efe is a better toast than Bezalel today in terms of consistency. I’m still anticipating his “Try EP”.

12. Sector

Professional fine boy no doubt, but Sector is better off a model than an actual musician. Stemming from the fact that the paparazi rapper has not had a hit in months. He has been quiet recently perhaps it would be even better if he retired to focus on other businesses on his plate.

13. Cloud9ne

Cloud9ne…. What an irony that one of Africa’s biggest music producers is his brother, TUC, yet his music suffers lackluster. Last year and early this year was a struggle for him as none of his music release even got our attention for a minute. Desperate measures need to be employed to awaken his redundant music career.

14. Titobrown

Can anyone remember the last time Titobrown dropped a hit record? We can all remember this lad was very auspicious back in the day. His recent works hasn’t exactly been stellar and worthy of eulogy. It’s shows someone is frantically fighting to gain his balance. Can Titobrown release a mad record this year?

15. Vars

After all said and done, Vars seems distracted. Since obviously the rapper hasn’t retired from doing music it’s about time he made his presence felt. How? By dropping a hit!

Other notable mentions: Rol Dee, Toyenero, Marquiz, Beekay, Blackah etc.

No wonder the industry dey stagnant. Pls wake up guys.

Note: You can add more names… Let’s know all the sleeping kings and queens


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