Urban Editorial: Are Musicians Truly Important II

are musicians truly important

are musicians truly important

Hello Everyone! Its been a while;

The last time we spoke I wrote about a topic; Are Musicians Truly Important and explained some vital examples why music and musicians are so important in our world today.  So, This week I will be writing about the qualities of a musician and benefits of being a musician as the concluding part



  1. Passion for music: a musician must love his/her job.
  2. Understand music: a musician must know the theory of music or musical instruments or understand the reason why things happen.
  3. Performance: a musician must always put up a good show.
  4. Realistic: musicians must understand that they might not become famous or rich and still continue.
  5. Tenacity: musicians must always thrive to be better than yesterday, always growing and enduring like a marathon runner.
  6. Discipline: a musician must have excellent discipline, there is a saying that ‘the way you dress that’s is the way you are addressed’
  7. Creativity: a musician is very creative and can come up with ideas that make performances more interesting, engaging and exciting.
  8. Enthusiasm: musicians support their peers and the industry as a whole, enjoy the work they do and their passion shows in their work.
  9. High Self Esteem: musicians must have a very good self-esteem in the sense that you don’t allow rejection and poor reviews affect personal perspective or motivation.
  10. Networking skill/Communication skills
  11. Perseverance
  12. Physical Stamina
  13. Presentation skills



Other tips on being a good/great musician;

  1. Extremely hard workers
  2. Willing to practice everyday
  3. Are good with budgets and don’t mind living a modest life.
  4. Patient attitude
  5. Never give up.



  1. Playing music is soul fulfilling: Playing music is cheaper than therapy and a hell of a lot more fun. An emotional release and means of self-expression like no other. Playing music can take you places in your own heart and mind that you may not have ever known were there. It can lift you up and help you escape when you’re feeling blue, or give you a fun way to spread the joy when you’re feeling good.
  2. Connecting with an audience: The feeling of connection when playing music for a receptive audience is like no other experience on earth. Having people cheer you on while you do what you love not only feels absolutely amazing, it prompts you to perform at your best and go beyond the limits of what even you thought you could do. There’s no place like the stage.
  3. Meeting new people: As a musician, you will meet and befriend people whom you may not have had anything in common with otherwise, fan and fellow musician alike. Music like other art forms can unite people from all walks of life, no matter their differences because it reaches people on an emotional level. Emotions go beyond whether or not you speak the same language, have the same colored skin, or live in the same neighborhood. Everyone knows what it is to feel and as a musician you have the gift of being able to help total strangers work through and understand their own feelings and problems through your music. And one way or another, they will thank you for it.
  4. A focused and active mind: Being a musician will sharpen your mind and hone your focus. The intense mental stimulation and concentration playing music requires will activate and exercise your mind. It’s been scientifically proven that playing music can enhance the brain and sharpen listening skills for picking up the subtle nuances of speech and other sounds. Playing music keeps your mind strong. A strong, active mind will help you live a richer, happier, and more fulfilling life. Playing music makes you smarter!
  5. Doing What You Love: Presumably, if you want to be a professional musician, you love music, you love playing music and you love performing. As a professional musician, you can earn money doing what you love. While being a professional musician is still work, and often very hard work, its work you’re passionate about, as opposed to an office job pushing papers about which you couldn’t care less.
  6. Being Your Own Boss: As a professional musician, you are in control of your career. While you’ll have to negotiate with clients and record executives, you determine when you work, where you work and who you work with. In fact, while work is not always certain, you have far more control over your own success than at a salaried position with a traditional boss. Unlike some conventional jobs, how hard you work, how much you practice your instrument and how seriously you pursue your musical education all increase your chances of success and how much money you make.






Folarin is a record label Exec (A.R.M.G Records) and creative writer at urban180.com




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