DMW Involved In Another Song Credit Scandal

dmw ichaba baba mama

dmw ichaba baba mama

Sometime ago, DMW Acts, Davido and Dammy Krane were in the news when a producer HOD called them out via twitter for stealing his beat, even though we think wasn’t actually a theft as the song was sold to Davido, the DMW team is under fire again this time from a producer who accuses them of not giving him credit for producing Ichaba’s new ecord “Baby Mama” which features label boss Davido.

Hear what the producer “SteineBEATS” had to say.

“Baby Mama’s beat by Ichaba ft Davido was produced by me sometimes October last year, the track was released this year after been sampled the same way all over again by another producer RUNTINZ while they removed my (steineBEATS’s) signature from the beat. I was surfing the internet and came across Ichaba’s story on Instagram, I heard my sound all over been remade by another producer.

I hit him up and asked him why he resampled my beat without my consent and Ichaba claimed that Davido doesn’t like the job because its not loud enough when it hasn’t even been mixed at that time and he told me Selebobo(Mix Monster) was going to mix it perfectly months before, yet he released the track without changing more than 5% anything on the beat aside the producers signature. I have all the proof to back this up in case Ichaba want to deny this.

This is uncalled for and selfish and I’m just wondering why this game is so deep and narrow, I don’t want money. I don’t even see this as a stunt! I’m not even trying to start anything I can’t finish. I’ve been friends with these guys since the APG days before DMW came into existence at all. All I’m concerned about is giving credit to whoever deserves it. I mean this is some else’s sweat and hard work, I worked endlessly trying to satisfy them on that project and now someone else is taking the glory.

No! Someone else shouldn’t take the glory, Give the cap to whom it belongs to!”

Watch Ichaba Baby Mama Video Below