Exclusive Interview With Aimskid


Versatility matters, learn to work with a market plan.

 Aimskid popularly known as Yung Legend is a young and enegetic artiste who gives us something to love. From his songs to his general branding and large social media follower base, It goes without saying that his young man is the real deal. Urban180 caught up with the yung legend, to give you an exclusive insight into his life, his music, family and more. Read full interview below and share your thoughts!


  • Who is Aimskid

Aimskid is an afrobeat artiste, Songwriter, entertainer, and vibes machine.

* How Did Music Start For You

I grew up loving music and always wanting to become a musician because i lived in a family where music was like a daily feed, from the likes of Sunny Ade, to Yinka Ayefele, to Shina Peters,and Ebenezer Obey always.



  • We understand that many people might want to compare you with Wizkid because of the the name  similarities, how do you handle this?

I will not deny the fact that Wizkid has little influence on my music but if you check my music from the other side,you will understand that i am trying to create something far different from his type of music.



*  Any Big Projects Coming Soon?

Yes, i have a video dropping before the year ends, more singles and also my E.P is coming too, but the title of the E.P, i wont reveal to you now.



  • Aside Music,What Do You DO?

I am an entrepreneur, i do so many types of positive business, i build brands in my own little way.



  • What is a typical day like to you.

All work in the studio and lesser time to rest or even sleep



  • Tell Us about legend Empire and tell us about your deal with them.

Legend Empire is an entertainment label based in London,United Kingdom. Oh Yes, i have deal with them moving smoothly, the time range of its expiration, i cant disclose


  • When did you record your first song?

I recorded my first song in the year 2009, boys were still falling out of beat sha , lol



  • There’s this ‘only pangolo music sells’ thing in the industry, do you believe it?

No, i dont. I believe as a n artiste if you should do your best, things will surely fall into place for you no matter your style ,but versatility matters, learn to work with a market plan.



  • If you could work with any artist of your choice here in Nigeria, who would it be?

When we meet with any of the top celebrities and we cool, definitely i will work with them. You should have asked which producer i prefer.



  •  LOL, yes so which producer would you love to work with




  • Why Sarz

He’s Great.



  • Is there any special woman in your life

Yes, my mum, i mean my mother, she is number 1,then the chick number 2, lol


Follow him on Social Media @aimskid_official


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  1. ajemen aka aje bobo says:

    Nice one bro we are still with u and God will help u and u will blow than u are now thanks

  2. Lk says:

    Thumbs up urban

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