Exclusive Interview: Every Piece Of Music Is Sacred- Kossi

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Every piece of music is sacred-Kossi

 If you live in Northern Nigeria, you’d have heard a thing or 2 about the music machine (Audio Engineer) popularly known as “Kossi“. Doing a quick research  shows that he is responsible for some of the best music out of that region and knowing the quality of music out the north, that’s genius!
As a brand dedicated to celebrating young and bright musical minds, urban180 caught up with the man himself Kossi to give you a little insight into his life and work. Enjoy!

* Tell Us About Kossi.
I’m the second of five kids. From anambra state and I’m a genius..lol.
I love computers, I build them when I’m less busy. I like cartoons lol..i have every aired episode of barney and friends and I love beans. My current celebrity crush is dija lol
* How did music start for you. 
I started playing drums officially at about 10 years old ,my Ma saw my interest and helped me. I rode on with the piano at about 14years old and  Started making records at 16.
* We understand  you an artist as well as a producer, How do you juggle the 2?
It’s really hard seeing as my job is helping people build and interprete their music. So I barely have time for myself. It’s just a resolve that I’ve made to ensure my interpretation of music gets out there. I’m addicted to the magic that is music.

* Which producers inspire you. 
Uhm I would say first Sir George Martin, No I’D, darkchild, Chris Martin

* What are the major challenges 
Electricity!! It’s really bad..Nigeria needs move away from that..secondly music in Nigeria is really watered down..popular music is ruining the market

* If you had to choose between being a producer and artist, which would you go for.
Lol no comment

* There seems to be a gist around that you are married with kids, how true is this? 

* Which artistes would you like to work with. 
Eva alordiah, Bez, Simi, Dej loaf, coldplay, One republic

* A quick listen to your works shows that you rarely use a signature tag, why? 
I believe that every piece of music is sacred even though a lot of it these days is just four bar loops. Proper credit should be given..the right way..if every body that chips in any work on a record attaches their tags it would be chaos. Respect the frequencies.

*  You recently dropped a new song Lullaby, what inspired it? 
The song is about love and Confort, Uhm for a while I’ve wanted to help people with the things they need..e.g love and comfort and someone to understand them..so I just did it.

* Tell Us about Audioville