Players In The Music Business And Their Roles I

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There are a couple of people who make music happen from the background, this group of people though rarely appreciated are the geniuses behind most of the big hits we hear everyday. Lets take a look at 3 of such Groups and what they do;

1.Songwriter : A song writer as the name implies is a person who writes songs, mostly songwriters write the lyrics and form melodies and then pitch it out to various Artists, Producers, and the  likes, In Nigeria, we have a couple of amazing songwriters among-st which are Cobhams, Password(who wrote Praiz’s ‘Mercy’), and Mavin record’s Copper Stones.

Cobhams-Asuquo urban180 urban 180 songwritter

2. Producer: Most Nigerians regard a producer as the one who makes the beat to a song but fail to realise that the job of a producer goes way beyond that. Aside all that, a producer is tasked with gathering ideas for a song, coaching singers in the studio, song arrangement and even co-writing sometimes.

In layman’s words, the producer is there to make sure everything sounds nice.

3. Audio Engineer: An Audio engineer’s job is a bit similar to that of a producer(infact some producers do the job of an audio engineer). The audio engineer mostly handles post recording by mixing and mastering the already recorded song to make output(the sound) better, For example, someone might decide to record a song with Donjazzy (A producer) and then send it to Suka Sounds(an Audio Engineer) to mix.

suka sounds

suka sounds


That brings us to a frequently asked question, why do most people produce with a different person and mix with another? That is where the issue of expertise comes in, look at it this way, if i am great at photography and then know a bit about Makeup, i would definitely produce better results when i concentrate on photography unlike when i try to do the 2 at a time.

In the same way, it is better for the one who is better at making beats to make the beat and then send to someone he knows is better at mixing so as to get the best.


Don-Jazzy urban180

3. Record Labels: A Record label is a company that markets recorded music and music videos. They invest in the artists career to help the artist reach full potentials. Record labels engage in a wide range of functions in the music industry including new artist recruitment and development (known as A&R), music publishing and copyright enforcement. Marketing is one of a record label’s most important functions, as public awareness of the brand is the way that they make their money.

For young acts, Any record label that does not promote/market you as an artists is a scam, run!

We’ll treat More as we progress!